Auto Body Collision Repair: Colorado Springs, CO

Full Service Collision & Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield Repair

An accident is a major inconvenience to your life. At Williams, we’re dedicated to making it as painless as possible. When your car has been damaged, it can be hard to find an auto body shop specializing in all areas of repair. Williams Body & Paint does just that. We dedicate ourselves to being the best in the area at total collision repairs as well as body and paint work. We’ve mastered our trade, and we work toward excelling at it every day.

Whether you’re funding your repairs out-of-pocket or through your insurance company, we’ll do thorough and efficient work to get your car restored as quickly as possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Assessment: We thoroughly assess all damage prior to beginning repair.
  • Replacement: We weld replacement parts with auto body repair and auto paint techniques and equipment, using factory-approved methods to maintain your car’s structural integrity.
  • Restoration: After the basic repairs are made, we’ll also restore factory corrosion protection.
  • Alignment: We’ll align the suspension and wheels, and will make sure the original safety design is restored.
  • Seams: We’ll ensure the seams around bumpers, fenders, grille and hood all meet factory specifications.
  • Paint work: After the structural and mechanical repairs are complete, we’ll custom blend paint to match your vehicle’s finish.
  • Reassembly: We reassemble structural components of your car or truck according to factory specifications. These days, manufacturers require measurements to vary by no more than 1 to 3 millimeters – so you can expect intense attention to detail. This includes:
    • Suspension
    • Mechanical repairs
    • Body work
  • Detailing: After repairs are completed on your vehicle we’ll thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle and remove any minor imperfections in the new paint surface. We will conduct a final inspection to make sure that all the above work meets our rigorous standards.

All of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty, and we offer free estimates on all makes and models.

Great Total Collision Repair Service where Quality is our Only Job

We understand how much of a toll an accident can take on your car and your life overall. We’re able to offer you greater attention to personalized customer service and faster, highest quality work than larger companies because of our small size.


The aftermath of an auto accident can be overwhelming and stressful – but Williams Body & Paint can help make the whole process much easier.

Williams is a direct repair shop, meaning we partner with many insurance companies and we will handle your repairs from start to finish. If making a claim is your best course of action, we’ll contact the insurance company and arrange for an appraiser to inspect your car. And most importantly, we’ll work with the insurer to get the repair done right. Your vehicle will handle and look as it did before the accident while maintaining its value.

What you should know.

Williams Body & Paint maintains rigorous certification standards and on-going training programs to ensure that your vehicle is repaired by qualified, professional technicians using only the most
advanced and efficient techniques and products.

We are also equipped with the latest in collision repair technology. State-of-the-art frame systems align your vehicle to original manufacturer specifications. We use original factory paint formulas, modern paint application systems, and oven-baked drying procedures to create a perfect color match.

Let us help you get your car back. Call us today at (719) 638-4849 to begin the restoration process.

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